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The Politburo's Open Conference (18/12/1974 - 08/01/1975)

The conference laid an important foundation for the Spring 1975 General Offensive and Uprising. Meanwhile, the Southern revolution was changing rapidly and powerfully, creating great opportunities for the liberation of the South and the reunification of the country.

Among those attending the conference were 11 Politburo members of the Party Central Committee (Supreme Leaders of the Party and State), 5 Standing members of the Military Commission of the Party Central Committee; 8 battlefields leaders, the Deputy chiefs of the General Staff in charge of operations.

Comrade Lê Duẩn - the First Secretary of the Party Central Committee on behalf of the Politburo issued a historic resolution: “We are facing a great strategic opportunity: Never before have we had such a favorable military and political condition and great strategic opportunity to complete the national revolution and people's democracy in the South, which will help the nation to achieve its peace and reunification". The resolution approved the strategic plan to liberate the South for two years 1975 - 1976, but emphasized that 1975 was favorable time and if the opportunity came in early or late 1975, then the liberation of the South in 1975 had to be carried out immediately.

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